Conil de la Frontera has the most beautiful and largest beaches of the Costa de la Luz with fine white sand and the clear, cool waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Conil has a total of 14 km of beach. The beaches can be enjoyed all year round and they offer the possibility for many different sports and activities.

The beaches of Conil are characterized by their width and length. This gives each visitor a place in the sun and even in the high season. The diversity and beauty of Conils beaches and bays is enough to choose Conil as a holiday destination. One of the most spectacular natural phenomena is the sunsets at the sea, which can be enjoyed, for example, from the golden dunes or the cliffs.


Playa de los Bateles

Los Bateles - the city beach of Conil, about 1000m long and around 100 wide. It is bordered by the "Rio Salado", which can also be crossed on foot towards El Palmar.

Parking is available in front of the beach promenade - between the beach and promenade there is a strip of protected vegetation, over which lead to the beach.

There are several "Chringuitos", beach bars where there are also small things to eat, umbrellas and beach chairs for rent. There are some showers at the beach transitions.

On the other side, the Playa de la Fontanilla, whose length is about 1800m, is seamless. There are several hotels behind a small park.

Playa Fuente del Gallo

The beach is in front of the residential area of   Fuente del Gallo, hence the name. The bay is surrounded by cliffs. At low tide, you can stroll between different bays (for example, Puntalejos, Cala del Aceite). In the evening you can watch the beautiful sunset over the sea. Due to the high rocks, the beach is protected from strong winds.

Playa el Castilnovo

Idyllic, pristine beach with golden yellow sand and dunes behind it, about 2.5 KM long, between the "Rio Salado" and the Playa El Palmar.

Its name derives from the medieval "Torre de Castilnovo" watchtower, which is widely visible.

There is neither a beach promenade nor parking, the beach can only be reached by foot over the bridge crossing the Rio Salado at the southern end of Conil.

At the beginning it reaches the width of a football field. It is very exposed to the wind and thus very popular with wind and kite surfers.

Even in the peaks of summer, the beach is normally clear of people- and nudists are tolerated here.

Cala del Aceite

Near the small harbor is this very beautiful bay, sheltered by the steep coast.
The access is via a sand path, which goes from Conil, to the left after the restaurant "Cabo Roche".
Parking is located above the bay, partly under pine trees. A staircase leads down to the bay.
From June to September there is a beautiful beach bar, a chiringuito.

Puntalejos & andere Buchten

Cala Puntalejos ist die erste der kleineren Buchten "Calas" von Conil aus Richtung Norden. Der Zugang erfolgt über die Urb. Fuente del Gallo - man lässt am Besten das Auto in der Nähe des Campingplatzes "Fuente del Gallo" stehen.

Hier beginnt der etwa 150 m lange, abfallende Fussweg, der in die Bucht hineinführt. Die Bucht ist ideal für Tage, an dem der Süd-Ostwind, der "Levante" bläst - hier ist man durch die hohen Felswände gut geschützt.

Selbst im Hochsommer sind die Calas nicht überfüllt, einige davon sind allerdings etwas beschwerlich zu erreichen. Bei Ebbe sollte man auf die Steine im Wasser achten.  

Der Strand wird hauptsächlich von Paaren genutzt, die bis die letzten Strahlen der Sonne bei Sonnenuntergang die Klippen gold-orange färben, Ihren Aufenthalt hier genießen.